Born in the Big Apple and bred with southern accouterments, Orisa is a young, vibrant, singer, and actress. Raised by a poet and a dancer, the Arts is no foreign land to this unconventional ingénue. Coupled with singing, some of her acting credits include “The Red Room” directed by Jenny Beth Snyder, “The Next Stop is” directed by Anna Strasser and “Blush” directed by Winter Coleman. Orisa received her Bachelors in Fine Arts from Howard University and continued on to a two-year post-grad program at Maggie Flanigan Acting Studio in New York. Ms. Henderson continues to strive to have a positive impact on her community. Using her talents, particularly with children, Orisa serves as a mentor with the national initiative Young Storytellers. Empowering young 5th graders to put their pens to the page and see their imaginations illuminated on the stage by real actors. Orisa has used her strong foundation to propel her artistic endeavors for years to come. 


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